Marine Grade Glues



Bote-Cote Epoxy Flocote is an economical and user friendly epoxy resin based coating manufactured for both professional and amateur boat builders and repairers.  It is a brilliant white highly thixotropic two pack paint for use in all internal parts of a boat requiring a totally permanent heavy duty protective coating. Its 1.1 ratio is based on the widely accepted technology developed for our Bote-Cote retail systems.

Other features are:

  • Bote-Cote Epoxy Flocote is free of amine blush at all climatic conditions
  • Modern technology, and much safer to use than other epoxy coatings
  • Ideal for internal use as low vapour pressure and minimal chance of breathing vapour
  • fast, standard, and slow grades, plus accelerators, are available to adjust cure rates
  • application by brush or roller

In common with all other epoxy coatings, Bote-Cote Epoxy Flocote is not recommended for exterior exposure as it will yellow with age and the surface will deteriorate. For exterior exposure BoatCraft recommend their range of Aquacote water based polyurethane paint systems.

Typical Coverage 6sq metres per litre per coat.


Ratio                                                            1 part resin : 1 part hardener by volume

Pot life                                                         35 - 40 minutes at 18 deg C                          (Fast)

No. of coats:                                               Two (2)

Gel Time Standard Hardener:                35 - 40 minutes at 23 deg C

Gel Time Tropical Hardener:                  30 - 35 minutes at 30 deg C

Dry time                                                      4 - 5 hours,

Cure Time:                                                  Overnight

Minimum temperature                            12 deg C at 50% R. H.