DRIVE Marine Services can supply you with all the accessories you need when using our products. We have direct access to the major suppliers and are happy to say 'we can compete with any price in the major Hardware Stores'. If you are making a large purchase we will usually be able to do better with our discount regime.

Ask us for a quote.

Our Accessories include the following:

  • Hand Cleaner
  • Fibreglass rollers - 140mm & 70mm - great for rolling glass mat into epoxy.
  • Stainless Steel Shears - Brilliant for cutting fibreglass cloth as they grip & cut.
  • Premium Foam Brushes - The only ones to use when painting small areas with AQUACOTE
  • Disposable Brushes - Cheap & throw away. The hairs do not show up in epoxy. DO NOT leave in Acetone or Bote Cote Solvent as they fall apart. Can be cleaned if you are keen.
  • Roller Frames and Trays - 75, 180 & 230mm.
  • Foam Roller Sleeves - for applying epoxy resin & epoxy undercoat - give a good even coverage & not reusable.
  • Low Flock Roller Sleeves - Excellent finish with AQUACOTE & can be reused many times.

NOTE: Do not use short Nap roller sleeves as we have found they leave a orange peel finish.

  • Copper Wire - Stitching plywood together as can be heated & removed for clear finish.
  • Tongue Depressors - great for mixing product and filleting.
  • Measure Cups - great for mixing larger quantities of resin and paint. Saves forgetting the number of pumps for resin and hardener
  • Pumps - Great for measuring resin & Hardener for those who do not get side tracked. Available for kits up to 90 Litres.

Caution: Resin becomes thicker in colder weather. Ideally it should be at 25 degrees C to ensure it pumps properly.

  • Disposable Gloves - Nitrile & Vinyl - Nitrile are expensive but strong & solvent resistant. Vinyl are cheap and good to wear multiple pairs to peel away when working to save getting product everywhere.
  • Syringes - 10 & 50ml - Good for measuring out small quantities of product and applying Bote-CoteResin & Pour-On-Gloss into cracks and voids with Draw Up Needles to eliminate air entrapment.
  • Our range of accessories is extensive and growing. If you are after something not on our list then ask as we may have added it. If not it is probably because we are unable to compete on price; in which case we will tell you.accessariesboard