How To

"How do I do it?"

This section of the website has been developed to show enthusiasts How To Do different projects or use Techniques we have developed to use with our various products.  The reason for this is that many of our products are unique or technologically advanced compared to those already in the marketplace.  Or we or our customers have been playing with our products and developed techniques and tips to make life easier for our customers.

This page will be updated as we or customers provide us with new techniques or ideas on how to make life easier.  By the way, it will not have all of our Trade secrets available; for instance our instructions for successfully using Pour On Gloss will not be placed here as some of the really neat tips and techniques we have developed are only available to customers who purchase a kit. That way it provides us with a significant commercial advantage over other "Liquid Glass" finishes.

How to ... Repair Rot in Wooden Boats An article on rot in wooden boat and best advice on how to prevent it.

How to ... Use Purbond Our tips sheet developed so you can get the best results when using Purbond.

How to ... Repair a Transom A detailed set of instructions on fibreglass boat transom repair.

How to ... Repair Fibreglass Boat Stringers A detailed set on instructions on how to repair fibreglass boat stringer.

What Glue To Use? A Guide so you use the right glue in the right job.

What Clear Finish To Use? A Guide to use the right clear finish for your job.

Concrete Repair A brief step-by-step guide to repairing concrete the right way.

Product Coverage guide

How to Video Series

General How-To:

In this video, Dave gives a detailed description of every stage of ripping out and replacing a fibreglass boat floor. From removing the old floor, putting in the new one, painting it and installing fittings, this video is a detailed guide on using Boatcraft products to replace a wrecked fibreglass floor.

Tips and tricks on using Peel-Ply while epoxying.

As the title says, this is a short snippet on Peel-Ply gone wrong, and the dangers and problems of doing so.

Dave gives you a rundown on maintaining and polishing your boats hull to get it back to its shiny hull finish.


In this short video, Dave demonstrates the ease of Applying Aquacote Polyurethane topcoat to bare timber. Dave is coating spar pieces of the bark Endeavor as they were to be used as backing pieces to trophies.

In the above and below videos, Dave provides a how to guide on the preparation and application of Aquacote colour topcoat. Detailing prep, mixing and rolling, Dave coats a Joey Dinghy at the 2016 Timber and Working with Wood Show.

Dave walks us through identifying contamination on a surface before applying Aquacote topcoats.


Dave tells you the easy way of reviving and restoring any crystallised Bote-Cote resin.


In this video, Dave details the process of restoring a rusty galvanized steel roof and its guttering using Feronite Rusty Metal Primer. Dave gives tips and tricks on application, do's and dont's, and maintenance of your gal roof.

Have a rusty trailer that needs fixing? Dave has you covered! This video goes through the repair and restoration of a rusty boat trailer, from clearing the loose rust, coating with Feronite, fixing rust holes and finally painting it.

Dave shows how to restore and deal with rust on a rusty fire hydrant stand on a marina.


In this clip, Dave demonstrates and gives tips on the mixing of Epox-E-Glue.

Dave shows the mixing and application of Epox-E-Glue Resin. In this instance, it is being used to repair a hole in a steel casting, so it no longer leaks.

Dave shows that repairing and gluing handles on hand tools is easy with Epox-E-Glue. Using Epox-E-Glue, Dave glues the head on a hatchet, and in the process provides an informative and detailed tutorial on Epox-E-Glues' use, as well as various tips and tricks in its application.


How to apply Tredgrip Non-Slip paint.