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Bills Steamboats – The S.L Mobi

The S.L. Mobi The S.L Mobi is a Selway Fisher design, with the boat, boiler and engine all made in Bills shed in Tuncurry. When the new boat is finally steaming, S.L Mobi is being donated to the local museum in Tuncurry (Great Lakes Museum). Built in 1997 from plans of an Irish Lakes steam…
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Careel 18 Restoration

Over the years, DRIVE Marine has been involved in many projects involving "Mango Madness", Johns Careel 18. Following are various photo galleries of various repairs, restorations and replacements done to the Careel. Sorting out the Gunnel [gallery ids="5718,5719,5720,5721,5722,5723,5724,5725,5726,5727,5728,5729,5730,5731,5732,5733"] Sealing Skin Fitting Outlet [gallery ids="5734,5735,5736,5737,5738,5739,5740,5741,5742,5743,5744,5745,5746,5747,5748,5749,5750,5751,5752,5753,5754"] Replacing Windows [gallery ids="5756,5757,5758,5759,5760,5761,5762,5763,5764,5765,5766,5767,5768,5769,5770,5771,5772"] Bedding New Fitting [gallery ids="5773,5774,5775,5776,5777,5778,5779,5780"] Hull Before…
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