Monthly Archives: February 2017

John’s PuddleHut 17 Houseboat

In 2011 I got to thinking about a houseboat, but it took another couple of years before I felt the idea was mature enough to build. The PuddleHut 17 evolved from a lot of dreaming and sketching, plus a few models. The first requirement was easy trailerability. A flat bottom rather than pontoons was used for…
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Bob’s inboard powered 21ft 1950s style Runabout

Bob is building an inboard powered 21ft 1950s style runabout (going with a bright finish). He is using Epox-E-Glue for all joints and laminating the strips after swapping from using Techniglue. Reasons why Bob has rolled over to Epox-E-Glue is provided in his testimonial: Read Bob's Epox E Glue Testimonial The plans being used are…
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