Monthly Archives: May 2016

Sealing of High U.V Risk Areas

Preparation of Substrate Wood, such as teak, beach, or other exotic woods. Mask the area not to be scratched, Abrade the contact area on the hull with a sanding pad, (100 grit), and remove dust. Brush or wipe the surface clean, and apply Primer, PR10. Primer contains a black indicator that cannot be seen once covered with Fix190 (MSP190) adhesive sealant…
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Bedding and Sealing Fittings and Hardware

Preparation of Steel, GRP, Aluminium and Painted Deck Substrate. Mask the area not to be scratched, abrade the contact surface with a fine sanding pad,(100 grit), removing all dust. Clean the surface with 100% alcohol cleaner or Methylated spirits using a clean, lint free cloth. Preparation of Timber Deck Substrate Mask the area not to…
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Deck to Hull and Flybridge Bonding

Preparation of Gelcoat Abrade the proposed bonding area with 80-120 grit sandpaper to take off the gloss from the Gel coat and any wax that may be present, and eliminate dust with brush or vacuum cleaner. Carefully Mask Tape the perimeter area to be prepared on the vessel. Wipe bonding area with 100% Industrial Alcohol Cleaner…
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