Monthly Archives: June 2015

Save Your Trailer – Feronite It

FERONITE IT This trailer sits outside continuously and for many years was unloved as shown in the top four photos. It was structually sound but rust was taking hold and needed sorting out before it became a point of no return! Follow the sequence to recovery and making the old girl look beautiful with many…
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Gary’s Projects

Gary built and designed this canoe made out of 1.5mm hoop marine ply and carbon fibre 50mm tape for the purpose of retrieval of model race boats. The reason for its intended purpose, was because he couldn't find any other design out there that was small and light enough to carry around. [gallery size="medium" ids="3109,3119,3118,3121,3120,3116,3115"]…
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Antony’s Retirement Projects

Antony has a thing for micro cruisers and he likes the shape of John Welsford's designs. His latest creation is a John Welsford 'Fafnir' with modifications and adapted for a junk rig. The previous micro cruiser he built was a Tardis The Fafnir is bigger inside than out, with all running lines and tiller operated from below…
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