Monthly Archives: April 2015

Fibreglass Repair – Transom Repair

A customer came to us for advice and materials to repair the transom in their newly purchased boat. They realised they had a problem in their first outing when the outboard moved and the transom twisted a lot. They did an internet search and found us. After a telephone discussion they turned up with some…
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125 Dinghy Restoration

A few impressive before-and-after photos of a very proud customer's 125 sailing dinghy. This customer had no previous boat building experience and said "it has been great being able to use your product knowledge to help me through this process." In his steep learning curve using Bote Cote and Aquacote, he was "very pleased with…
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John’s Musical Instruments

One of our customers makes solid timber musical instruments using our products. He is a school teacher who teaches music. They are masterpieces of skilled craftsmanship.  He occupied his holidays developing these woodworking masterpieces. He uses our aquacote water based polyurethane paint to clearcoat all of his instruments. He is achieving much better results than…
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