No-Rot Sticks

No Rot Sticks


No Rot Stick in actionNO-ROT is a unique solid wood preservative used for the internal treatment of timber.  It will stop and prevent rot and white ant attack.  It is a concentrated mix of fungicide and insecticide, combined together in a controlled release, small chalk like stick.  This is the same technique as used to preserve timber electricity poles throughout Australia as shown in the picture adjacent.
Since using NO-ROT type preservative the power pole below the ground now outlasts the section exposed to the atmosphere.

Recommended Uses

NO-ROT can be used as a timber treatment for all outdoor timber structures which are exposed to weather or if the ingress of moisture is an issue.  Typical uses are to treat no-rot timber preservativepergolas, timber decks, steps, fence posts and railing, window frames & Boat framing susceptable to fresh water exposure.  It can also be used as an internal timber treatment where it’s subjected to persistent moisture, such as in bathroom wall cavities & Boat framing susceptable to fresh water exposure.

Timber which has existing decay can also be treated with NO-ROT, to sterilise the timber and prevent further attack.  All timber species can be treated.
NO-ROT will only be activated in the timber with a moisture content greater than 20%.  Timber treated in this situation will also resist termite attack.

For further technical information check out the Technical Data sheet at Preschem.


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