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GREY DECK CLEANER is a powerful wood cleaner, ideal for cleaning grey or blackened timber caused by weathering.  It removes the stain, dirt and mould from timber.  The result is a clean timber surface ready for clear finishing.

Recommended Uses

GREY DECK CLEANER is ideal for use as a deck wash for cleaning grey or blackened

Grey Deck Cleaner Wood Cleaner

Grey Deck Cleaner Wood Cleaner

decks and all other exterior woodwork.  It can be used on all types of timber and is especially useful for cleaning blackened and weathered Western Red Cedar weatherboards. Timber which has been previously coated with Linseed Oil or some other similar finish, may require vigorous scrubbing with Oxalic Acid to clean off the discolouration.





D-Mould Mouldicide

D-Mould is a powerful, water-based mouldicide that is environmentally safe. It has been designed to protect and clean most exterior surfaces from unsightly mould and algae growth that is the cause of blackening, discolouration and slipperiness of these surfaces.
D-Mould contains the active mouldicide and algaecide alkyl dimethyl benozylammonium d-mouldchloride.

Recommended Uses

D-Mould is uniquely formulated so that when it is applied to raw timber, the treated surface weathers to a silky appearance. It is ideal to protect and clean timber, especially Western Red Cedar. Untreated surfaces such as decks can become slippery and dangerous due to mould growth.
D-Mould will clean and protect these surfaces from mould growth.
D-Mould is also suitable for other external surfaces e.g. paving, brickwork, tiles, painted surfaces, synthetic grass and canvas.

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