Repair Rot


  •    TIMBER PRESERVER gives timber protection against fungal degrade and some species of wood borers. More Infotimber
  • Prevent Rot

  • AUSSIE CLEAR is an oil based Exterior Timber Finish that protects hardwoods from the weather. Its penetrative quality allows the enhancement of the natural grain and beauty resulting in a natural oiled look.  More Infoaussieclear
  • NO-ROT is a unique solid wood preservative used for the internal treatment of timber. It will stop and prevent rot and white ant attack.  More InfoNo rot

Stop Rot

  • NO-ROT GEL is a ready to use, water based brush on wood preservativestop rot, to control the spread of decay. More InfoNo rot gel

Repair Rot

  • The WOT ROT KIT was developed by DRIVE Marine Services to undertake rot repairs. In most cases it contains everything you need to repair & eliminate rot. If you go through it all for a large application, you will have a good idea of what you will require to finish the job. It is based on the Bote-Cote epoxy system.  More Info

wot rot

Restore Timber

  • GREY DECK CLEANER is a powerful wood cleaner, ideal for cleaning grey or blackened timber caused by weathering.   More Infogrey deck cleaner