Pouring Foam



Pouring Foam is a flame retarded, NON-CFC, two pack rigid polyurethane foam system producing foam with a nominal free rise density of 36-38 kg/m3.


One (1) Part of Polyol Pouring Foam to One (1) part lso Pouring Foam (or equivalent) by weight or 1:1 by volume. An expansion ration of 25:1 is achievable.


Pouring Foam is recommended for use as thermal insulation in cold and hot applications, from -50°C to +85°C temperature range. It is suitable for use in 'buoyancy' applications ie. cavities, compartments and void filling for boats, wave-skis, canoes etc. and in building panels, moulded fibreglass systems. A classic example is the Joey Dinghy which uses 3.6mm Pacific Maple for the buoyancy tanks and seat bulkheads. This structure would easily break if it was not filled with Pouring Foam. Pouring Foam makes the structure extremely rigid, watertight and provides excellent buoyancy. It is ideal for moulding/void filling applications where low weight and increased stiffness/stability are required. Pouring Foam is suitable for pour-in-place or injection use by either 'hand' mixing or machine processing. Power mixing improves aeration and maximum expansion.


Pouring Foam Information Sheets

Pouring Foam Data Sheet


Please refer to SAFETY DATA SHEETS for precautions for safe handling and working with each component of the system, danger to certain individuals and decontamination of spills.

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