Customer Service

Good old fashion service.

No such thing as a silly question!

Don't think you know - Make sure you know! 

We sales online via Braytec and Boatcraft Pacific online stores - We specialise in supplying our customers via our shop front, resellers and over the phone. We do this for a few very good reasons;

  • Our prices are the same as the BoatCraft Pacific Online Store and we are usually able to supply with a better rate on the freight than you would get online if you are close to Sydney.
  • We supply Epoxies, Glues and Paints - While you may have done your research what you think you want may not be exactly what you need. We always ask "What are you doing?" so we can be sure we are supplying you with the most suitable products based on your description.
  • We know how to use the products so will endeavour to give you good product advice. If you happen to make a mistake we are only a phone call away, the team has taken every shortcut they can so chances are we can resolve your issue.
  • We have a policy of "There is no such thing as a silly question" and "Males do not read instructions until they stuff up." Therefore, call us if you have a problem or are not sure.

shop-onlineIf you want to buy online and at your convenience you can purchase online via one of our resellers Braytec Marine or Boatcraft Online and we will still provide the same great customer support.